Fiori Couture

Metal corset designer

Fiori Couture

Metal corset designer
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Welcome to the World Of FIORI COUTURE.
“One Of a Kind Beautiful Objects of Desire,.

Recapture Traditional Elegance with Modern Style Couture…
FIORI is a Collection of Hand Crafted Acessories Bustiers , Hats and Flowers and Millinery Accessories and Steel Crowns and Corsets.Many different antique elements combine poetically to create FIORI.Each piece makes a statement wether Avant Garde to the Flirty & Feminine .Susan has designed accessories for Women around the world for over 20 years . Her Signature pieces are desired and adorned by Celebrities,Brides, Fashionistas, to the Bohimian Flower Child .

Come Explore her World….FIORI.

FIORI Couture Collection
Designer Susan Lafica