China Designer Sheguang Hu Legacy Fashion Show

American Debut Fashion Show:
SHEGUANG HU Top Designer of China featuring F/W16 Haute Couture Collection
“Of the White; Mongolian Knight of the Lore”

China Top Haute Couture Designer Sheguang Hu is coming to Show his newest collection for Chinatown Intl. fashion Week in conjunction with China Fashion week Beijing.

We are thrilled to present CIFW’s November 5th, 2015 grand finale at the Pleasanton Ruby Hill Resort Clubhouse, the China famed designer Sheguang Hu of China Beijing Fashion Week, who will join us for his personal appearance featuring his newest haute couture FW/16 collection.


Hu Sheguang 胡社光 is a designer of Mongolian origin that graduated at the Dutch academy for fine arts and design Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. At just 16, Hu ventured alone to Europe, where he washed dishes as a part time job to learn Dutch, while pursuing his education in fashion design. His passionate hardworking attitude attracted admiration from those around him. He once produced 45 fashion shows within a year. Hu has lived abroad for 25 years, and he has designed for the Queen of the Netherlands.

Throughout his years abroad, he designed many dresses for attending Cannes, all statement masterpieces. Among his previous designs there were many avant-garde series which pushes the fashion boundaries, all of those were done in fine European couture. When he returned to China 3 years ago, Hu began to think more about how to incorporate Chinese elements into his designs. He has since used elements combine Oriental European art in fashion to interpret his inspired fashion, and has made a bold fashion launch and name in China.





As the Liang Sisters have said, “Fashion bloggers and trendsetters alike await this highly anticipated CIFW fashion finale at Ruby Hill Estate, Pleasanton CA, featuring renowned designer Hu Sheguang. Hu made a name for himself after moving to the Netherlands at the age of 16, where he studied fashion. He has since designed for high profile Chinese and Netherlands figures, including the Dutch Queen and Royal Family. His unique brand combines traditional Chinese patterns with European influence to craft a new standard for contemporary multicultural design Hu’s eccentric pieces have grabbed the international attention of both fashion elites and industry experts alike, who praise him for the intricate detail of his pieces- each with its own personalized flare.

Hu Sheguangs’s clothing adopts a style of modernity and diversity in the fast-growing and competitive fashion industry. He has inspired young artists to realize their potential in creating a unique identity in the saturated market and always be reminded that hard work is the route to success. We are in for a treat this Thursday Nov 5th as Hu unveils a new set of designs that will both wow the audience and transform fashion sense into wondrous beauty of the East meets West cultural fusion we so appreciate in the Bay area.”



Grand Entrance by GEV Magazine
Spokesmodel for Hu Sheguang Clothing USA by Michelle Kay
Elite Wine Tasting by Drunken Dragon
Extraordinary appetizers by Uncle Yu’s
Sound and Light Mastery by SoundTek/Vincent Zeng

Ned Kisner and Lan Kay | Denise Bradley-Tyson

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